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Locking Pin Backs - 10 Pcs

Locking Pin Backs - 10 Pcs

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Don't you hate when you lose your pin due to a faulty clasp? We've all been there. Grab a couple of these locking pin backs so you'll never lose another pin!

Stainless steel pin backs come in Gold (gold plated) or Silver (nickel plated)

To put the back on, you slide it onto the pin post as you would any other clasp or clutch.

To remove the locking back, you need to pull its two parts AWAY from each other in order to release the inner locking system. It takes some getting used to, but after the first few attempts it will become a easier.
Another way to do it, hold the large flat disc firmly against the pin whilst pulling the top part away. Once the locking system releases, the back can slide off.

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