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Masonic Forget Me Not Lapel Pin (Micro Size 7mm)

Masonic Forget Me Not Lapel Pin (Micro Size 7mm)

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This is our micro size version of the forget me not pin for those who want a smaller discrete pin.

The Forget-Me-Not

In 1934, soon after Hitler's rise to power, it became evident that Freemasonry was in grave danger. Realizing this danger, the Freemasons went undercover and adopted a little blue flower, the forget-me-not, to replace the Square & Compasses as the symbol whereby the Brethren could identify each other in public as well as in the concentration camps of Europe. In 1948, when lodges reopened following World War II, this became the official Masonic emblem in honor of the valiant Brethren who carried on their Masonic work under very adverse conditions.

  • Size: 7 mm (.27 inches)
  • Rubber Clutch
  • Silver or Gold Metal Finish


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